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From Europe to the world.

To include itself in the international market worldwide, FORTFRIO invested in certifications following the directives, policies and rules of CE (European Community) conformity and allowing the free commercialization of equipment in these countries.


23 years
to do what we know how to do best.

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In Europe we provide all the technical advice to set up your business, as well as training with the world's top Chefs, effective technical support, spare parts in immediate stock.

As of January 1, 2020, following our internal policy of environmental sustainability and meeting the requirements of the European Union, we are the first company to deliver popsicle-making machines throughout Europe with the new ecological gas.

Nossa missão

FORTFRIO is honored to have sold products to more than 70 countries, helping several clients to start or enhance their business in the world of ice cream/popsicles.

Estamos presente através de distribuidores ou representantes internacionais na Espanha, Itália, Estados Unidos da América, Canadá, Colômbia, Chile, Panamá, Holanda, Paraguai e Portugal (Filial).

important data


Know-How with more than 23 years of experience is better than a guarantee certificate.


We guarantee technical assistance for all our equipment.


Our company is certified in several world markets.

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